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>> we are just learning that there are three minor injuries. but i want to show you first, so that you can see in this direction the fire is under control. what was burning were the large plastic containers i'm standing here with the fire marshal of the city of fairfield, tell me about the injuries. >> there were minor injuries to three fire fighters there were treated on scene, our own medical personnel treated them and they were released. >> i want to know about the shelter in place, it was not mandatory what the recommend to the people in the nearby area? >> for those that have respiratory issues, asthma, any breathing difficulties they probably want to remain with the shelter in place which essentially means to close your doors and windows and turn off your air conditioner. obviously when conditions are blowing the smoke out and away from the area. we have been very
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lucky today generally it has not been near the residential areas that are to the north and east of us. but for caution and for those that have breathing difficulty recommend that they do that. >> you told me that 5 a. were burning, were there people inside the building? >> there were employees inside when the fire broke out, they all evacuate immediately. but they were not insider on the scene when we started to fight the fire. we do not have it calls for the fire yet, but we will be investigating. >> you told me about the repair work what did you hear? >> we have unconfirmed reports we have not spoken directly to the employees and someone did mention that there were repair work being done at the rear of the facility i do not know what that entails, but we will follow up on that. >> what happens for the
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firefighters that are here on scene? >> we have been winding down our resources at the height, this was a six alarm fire. we had about 120 personnel on scene. at this point we're down to about half of that. we will continue to downgrade that however we will have personnel on scene all night doing what we call fire watch. there will keep an eye on the property and make sure that nothing really ignites. >> i want to point out that the fire has now been contained. all that thick black smoke, you can see that it is making its way in that direction and you can see how large the smoke is around here. we will bring you the very latest from fairfield. >> again, the firefighters are making some progress on will was a six alarm blaze in fairfield. let us check in with j.r. stone. he is also at the scene, today he was talking with some of the
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workers that work at the plastics factory to give us additional information about how it all evolves. >> j.r. stone can you hear us? and >> can you hear me in there? >> we can hear you, can you hear us? >> i have been so busy talking with the different people that were out and about. not one of the people heard any explosion they say they just came outside and saw the black smoke. but right now it is not nearly as bad as it was earlier this afternoon. i do want to go to some of the video. in the video, this is the ground view of what it looked like in this area from so many people who watch what was going on in this area. i did talk with someone that works at this plastics facility. they say
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in the two and half years that they have worked here, nothing like this has ever happened. they were shocked, they were actually coming to work when they saw the black smoke and the air. i talk with that gentleman as to what might have gone wrong, he said it could have been someone smoking. that was his only guess at this point this is what he had to say. >> i think, i do not want to say but sometimes the drivers, they smoke, i have never seen anyone throw a cigarette but something like that may have happened. like i say, we worked in the factory there are a lot of signs everywhere. >> he says that he does not know what happened but if you look in the distance you can see that there are still fighting this. he says when he takes smoking breaks at plastics facility he has to go off property. the point he was trying to make in that sound bite, he says sometimes he sees the truck drivers coming in and out
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taking their smoke break on the facility grounds but at this point is really too early to say what caused the mess. reporting live i am j.r. stone back to you in the studio. >> i am grant lotus live at the big board to show you exactly where the fire burned. the fire burned just east of interstate 80. there is macro plastics, and this is where travis air force base is less than 2 mi. from the plastics factory. our we had about 13 fire trucks and 50 fire fighters on scene battling the blaze. is a large commercial area. fortunately this fire has been contained to that building because just next to the building is east bay fire. and we all know how flammable tires are. fortunately, the fire
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has been contained. >> here is a check on the weather conditions. fairfield down to the southwest of were the fire is burning, ticket to the wind speeds. it is coming from the west and going to the east. it is bad news for the air base, but good news for those in fairfield. we have definitely seen breezier conditions than this, can now our wins, the temperatures 83 degrees. the wind around the area is rather calm. typically this time of day we could get wind gust in the upper 20s or right now the winds are a little calmer. now i just snapped a picture, and you can see a little smoke in here this is a snap from space. that is how thick the smoke is out there from the fire. we will keep an eye on this and let you know of the
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wind picks up. >> the six olomouc fire in fairfield at the macro plastics company is now contained. it started outside of the company where they store the plastic bins. a shelter alert does remain in place. there are three fire fighters who were treated at the scene, stay with us and we will continue to follow this story. >> we are following the effects of a fatal accident that happened to 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. if we can zoom in on the traffic map, you can see the big back up and all the south bay. west bound to 37 at matilda is currently closed. in the west bound direction only one lane of traffic is open, traffic is squeezing by. if you are heading west, you
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can use north bound 101. if you're heading eastbound, you may have to take south bound and add a couple of minutes to air travel time. we are now hearing of a possible estimated time of clearing lanes around 6:30 p.m.. >> two suspects use high- powered rifle to shoot at and east bay park police officer during an overnight patrol on monday. it happened in the hills above an east bay city. a joint operation was formed to find what investigators suspect were druglords. >> and mexican drug cartel, that is what the east bay park police believe they're up against as they search for two suspects who fired upon a park police officer as he was controlling the hillside up their. the police called in their armored vehicle as the swat team joined forces with the
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alameda county sheriff's department to search the hillside for possible suspects. this helicopter was used to give the officers on the ground cover as well as to search for evidence in that operation which officials say the shooting incident in the remote location has all the markings of. after four hours of searching the area where the shooting occurred, the search was called off. they say it appears that the two suspects got away. investigators also said that the ground search did not reveal any evidence of a marijuana growing operation. next the plan to review video recorders from above by helicopter of the 28 a. area that was searched. investigators say what they find on the video will determine the next course of the investigation. >> it for this one i will use the big board to show where the search for the shooting suspects is being focused. is the --it is
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between 58680. --it is between 580 and 680. that is why they set up a chopper to help in the search effort. >> when the east bay regional park district police say they find marijuana plantations growing on public lands and an average of two, to three times per year. we explain the safety concerns that the outdoor operations posed to the people that go to into the park. >> this is a sign posted by park officials trails closed, extreme danger to keep hikers away from the potential threat of an armed gunmen. the park police say this ought to read it anywhere illegal marijuana bros. >> our experience is that these people are armed with
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high-powered rifles. normally they do not want to be called, they do not want to be seen. but you never know what you will come up against. is a very lucrative business for them to be doing it. and normally, they'll be willing to take whatever action necessary to protect their property. >> people that walk the trail say that this is a that has opened their eyes to the possible danger that could be in the hills. >> i often go running out there by myself and i see the mountain lions, and i was ok with that because they usually go running off into the woods. i never thought i would have to worry about him in danger. >> these are throughout california and even in the national parks, so everyone needs to be aware when you are out hiking what you may come upon. and >> again back to are developing story you are looking at live pictures of that massive fire at a fairfield plastics company,
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it is now maintained, but there is still a great deal of smoke pouring into the air from that location. the fire at the macro plastics company was reported just after 1:00 p.m.. all throughout the afternoon, huge plumes of smoke like you see your have been spewing from that facility. we will be back with more.
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>> this is video from earlier today that was a massive fire at the macro plastics company in fairfield. the fire is now contained. you can see how hard to fire crews are working to knock this down. even though it is contained, the fire crews are still on the scene, so are the kron4 news crews. this is are developing story today. the trial of a los gatos mother who is charged with having sex with her son's friend is about to get under way in a
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santa clara county courtroom. teresa estacio reports that key evidence includes thousands of text messages between sarah cole and the alleged victim. >> police say that the case against the 48 year old cerro coal happen when the mother contact the police and said that the 48 year- old woman was having sex with their son. she has three felony charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and one count of molesting a child. police say during the investigation they seized computer equipment and phones during--at her home they say she sent several thousand text messages to the alleged victim and made several thousand calls to him, they also say that she gave him alcohol and drugs. the miners name is not been released but if convicted she could face four years in
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a state prison and be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. >> new details on the man that confess to last week's massacre of more than 70 people in norway. his lawyer says that his client is amazed that he was able to carry out his killing spree for more than two hours before the police caught up with him. >> he is in a war, and he says that the rest of the world especially those in the west, they do not understand his point of view. but in 60 years times, we will all understand it. >> his lawyer says that his client is currently undergoing medical tests but he also provided his own diagnosis. >> this whole case has indicated that he is insane. >> his attorney says that he took drugs to keep some strong and away. when he wants to target the ruling party for failing to keep out muslim immigrants. first
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there was a bomb at the heart of the capital there are many government buildings in the area and then he'd throw for 35 minutes to a lake where the labour party had a youth camp, for 90 minutes he circled the aisle and picking off his victims one by one. >> he was calm all the time, he was walking behind us and shooting he had an automatic weapon the then he switched into the single bullets because each bullet was supposed to kill someone. >> note the norwegian police failed to respond saying there were too busy dealing with the bomb. then they try to reach the island by boat only to have it break down. nevertheless, o slo police say that they don't think they could've done this faster. >> president barak obama and joe biden witt--went there and said that we are so sad about the incident.
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76 people have been reported dead all but eight of them were from the you can't. >> a live look outside from our roof camera. we will see less of fog overnight mainly just in the coastal in the immediate bayshores. tomorrow a warming trend will begin in that will last through the weekend. current conditions are about the same as will be saw yesterday's a few degrees warmer in some spots like south bay. >> let us talk a little more about the fog in shooting in the north bay or hours. it is scaling back rather quickly it looks like it will hug the coast line into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures out there tomorrow afternoon was starts to warm up, south bay
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locations into the 80's, for the most part upper 80s. our inland valleys will get a lot warmer out there tomorrow heading into the 90s and a couple of spots. 90 in antioch, 89 in pleasanton. for the east bay shore and it will be in the '70s. over in san francisco, 69 degrees there because of the fog staying in the low 60s coast side. the warming trend will continue as we head into the weekend temperatures reaching near normal for the inland valleys. the fog will start clearing out by the weekend. temperatures are running close to average for this time of year. stay with us, we will be back after this. yñsñkékékióç]s]s
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>> and other developing story, a deadly accident
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near sunnyvale. here's an update on what is happening there. >> i am standing here in the middle of highway 237 east bound remains close after this big rig accident about 2:15 p.m. claiming the life of a driver. this is just east of matilda avenue this happen between matilda, and fair oaks. chp says the driver coming this way towards me loss control slammed into the guard rail dividing east and west down. the truck flipped over and burst into flames. let me go to some video just a little while ago. this was a truck carrying dirt, or gravel. the driver was trapped in the vehicle for some time there was quite a fire. no other vehicles involved in this accident but as you may imagine creating a big traffic jam. traffic over there and the westbound lane is squeezing through one lane. but i'm told that eastbound traffic
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will remain closed until about 6:15 p.m.. one fatality, we do not know whether this was a male driver or a female driver, but chp tells me that they're fairly confident that it was just the one victim. the westbound lane may be open within the next 10 minutes to 15 minutes. eastbound lane will take some time. live in sunnyvale kron4 news. >> back to our developing story, crews are knocking down the flames to that 6 alarm fire in fairfield. the 6 alarms have been downgraded but this has the crews on the scene until they get it taken care of we will be back. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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are headed west down near matilda, we have lanes and shut down only the no. 2 is open. the chp hopes to have all the lanes open by 6:30 p.m.. the time right now is 5:29 p.m. we will be right back to not go away. [ male announcer ] if you're ready for more from your tv service
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with 100% digital picture and sound. u-verse tv is ranked highest in residential television service satisfaction by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. >> at 5:30 p.m. video of our developing story, this 6 alarm fire at a plastics company in fairfield lead to a shelter in place order for most of the afternoon today. crews are still working to knock down the flames. these pictures were taken an hour or so ago. we have our reporter live with an update. >> we have been monitoring the fire every since we have arrived. take a look at what we have seen, there have been moments when we see more black smoke. this is
5:32 pm
one of those moments where it appears that there is more. but we have been told that the fire has been contained. fire fighters are spreading the area. take a closer look and you can see what caught fire. these were large plastic bins, the company is called macro plastics, the bins are used to carry an transport produce. take a look to see just where the direction the smoke is blowing. i do not know if you heard me earlier, i was saying that was not able to smell the smoke, but now appears since the wind is moving in a different direction and you can get a better idea of what really smells like. i want you to take a look at the sky, you can see that the area where the dark gray smoke is moving towards that direction and we did talk about a shelter in place, that was not mandatory but they did tell residents of nearby that they would recommend that just in case anyone had any respiratory problems, 80 asthma, this was a precaution that they
5:33 pm
should take. take a look over here, the company right here is called macro plastics. none of the building caught fire it was about 5 a. that caught fire in the back of the area. the cause is still under investigation it will be a while until we find out what caused the fire. no one was injured only three fire fighters they had minor injuries the do not know it was smoke inhalation they will not say. but as you could see, some of the firefighters have left the area already. the ones that are here will be here through the remainder of the night to monitor and what is going on. in fairfield, i'm alan hunter serve all--alie handra surbal with kron4 news. >> investigators say that
5:34 pm
they responded to the kaiser medical center on monday, the victim had been shot multiple times in the back and was only semiconscious. police believe the crime may have taken place on ninth street and mcdonald avenue. you can see that indicated on our map. but they're not sure because they say that the victim story continues to change. three bay area middle school students admit to the attempted rape of two of their classmates. it happened in march on a john f. kennedy school field trip. redwood city police say that the boys ages 12 to 14 to two girls to a secluded area and sexually assaulting them. their sentencing is now scheduled for next month. meanwhile, the cases are pending for two other boys also involved in that attack. a change of heart, arnold schwarzenegger is now open to pay alimony to maria shriver. he
5:35 pm
recently amended a divorce filing which denied spousal support he also said that he wants to pay his a wife's attorney fees. their marriage came to an end to unlimited fathering a child with one of their household staff. >> now look at that fog pushing into downtown san francisco. we see sunny skies and no sign of fog in san mateo. it is 63 degrees getting down to 60 this evening. hitting a morning low of 56, an afternoon high of 75. here are the current conditions for the rest of the bay area. >> we also see warmer conditions in the inland valleys with mainly the upper 80s right now. as we
5:36 pm
head into tomorrow, patchy fog expected for the coastline. by noon, the fog moves back to the coastline we will reach into the upper 80s and possibly a few low 90s. we will take a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. >> the nfl lockout is history. vern glenn headed to santa clara to get reaction from the excited players on the san francisco 49ers. >> the 49ers facility doors open at 7:00 a.m.. players had the option of checking in and there were very few. there, you could see the second year offensive linemen leaving the facility now, he was on the tuesday mandatory list to get a physical. linebacker patrick willis was one of the early arrivals as well as the quarterback alex smith and the tight end walker.
5:37 pm
thursday a conditioning test will be applied to see how and shake the players really are. the outside linebacker olan smith was taking it all into day. >> it has been good, fun and really exciting. my helmet is here, my number is here. >> again, our developing story this is a live picture, this fire is contained at the fairfield plastics company that started at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. nonetheless, there are flareups. as you can see one now, a large plastic bins that are used to carry produce caught fire outside of the building. they're still trying to nail down the exact cause. but we're keeping an eye on the fire the firefighters are telling us that is contained but they will stay on the scene do to flare ups like this one we will be right
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>> of oregon congressman david woo announced that he would resign, accusations of sexual misconduct a young woman said that he forced an unwanted sexual encounter woo says that it was consentual but he says he is leaving to spare his children. woo says that he will not actually even until the ongoing debt debate is solved. >> some prescription drugs may be available for a fraction of what you pay now some drugs will get a lot cheaper because a lot of patents are expiring. that means you'll have cheaper generic forms. now mcdonnell's will begin to serve fruit and vegetables with all of its happy meals and it will shrink the size of the french fries and a happy meals. the company
5:42 pm
actually consider getting rid of them complete but customers demanded them. as for the fruit, it will vary but the choice of will include apple, oranges, raisins, and pineapples. >> we will talk more about the warmer weather coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> stocks closed lower as the debt debate is just dragging along. rob is here to talk about some winners and losers. home prices in san francisco are not good. >> the home prices in san francisco are good on a month-to-month, but yearly, not so good. the composite down within the last 12 months. now look at detroit, who wants to live there, not
5:46 pm
a lot of jobs. vegas, not a lot of jobs it was overbuilt. in washington d.c. see how the president and congress take care of themselves, house and up 1.2. >> another loser, postal service and more jobs might be going away. >> this is one that i like, i do not like going to the post office. >> fewer people are using them. >> i like to go to safeway and get my groceries and i kind of wish there was a post office right there. i think we will see more kiosk take more and more jobs. the post office was such an old idea and concept. a lot of the stations will be closing those that are putting-- pulling in less than 37,003 years. these are like rule outpost--rural outpost. >> i saw the story on the
5:47 pm
wall street journal icahn was compelling i did this on my morning show and how many people lash out at hispanics and and blacks making less than whites. the numbers are right there. the wealth gap, the great recession has made things worse. >> i was about to say is a the recession that is making the gap a bigger one? >> a white households and and have 20 times more than black households that is something i am just that about. >> we have one winner. >> yaaa. ford drivers of revenues. they were nice numbers not as nice is what we wanted on wall street. but i am trying to find a
5:48 pm
silver lining. >> 50% is a pretty big gold. >> wall street was a little disappointed because as they grow they do not have as much margin. in america we did the big trucks and the big suvs. but manufacturers i cannot get wildly excited about but if i were to go after a manufacturer, i would go after foreign. i think they have the best management, the best labor, their product is ok but i would probably go with a south korean automaker if i had to invest. >> thank you, see you tomorrow. >> we have fog speaking to the coastline. while we still see a few sun breaks along the sun line, this will push back in as we head into the overnight hours. take a look at the fog tracker for tomorrow morning. by 8:00 a.m., this
5:49 pm
will be the extent of it, not as bad as what we saw today. by 10:00 a.m., already pushing back to the coastline. later in the afternoon just hugging that san mateo coastline simmer --similar to what we saw today. here are the temperatures for tomorrow. take a look of the temperatures compared to average for this time of year. >> zero we will continue the warming trend as we head into the weekend here is a look at the extended forecast. we will continue to warm up as we head into the weekend. we will cool down slightly as we head into next week.
5:50 pm
>> we are following the aftermath of a fatal accident that happened around to 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. ticket and the traffic, conditions are growing worse for highway 237. it had shut down all but the number two lane east bound. take a look at the back up in the westbound direction of lloyd has interstate 680. if you're headed in the east bound direction they're diverting traffic on south bound 101. you will have to take north bound 80--880. they hope to clear up this incident about 6:30 p.m. this is a hot spot causing major delays in the south bay. no matter what route you may take, you may have to add a extra 30 minutes on to your dried thyme. the speeds are down to about 2 mi. per hour and a slower spots.
5:51 pm
>> the white house says that the death of osama bin laden has raised the risk of anti-american violence across the world. the state department has issued a global travel warning is says that americans should take precautions, the aware of terrorist threats, things like demonstrations and the possibility of violence at any time against u.s. citizens. they said that al qaeda and other groups are planning attacks against u.s. interest in asia, africa and the middle east. now this is a 90 year-old woman that is recovering after being attacked by a tanker route happened in her backyard in an outback town. phil list says that she put up a fight. she was hanging up clothing when the kangaroo appeared, she hit it with a broom, the police used pepper spray when they arrive in the animal was later tracked by rangers. they say it is very rare for a kangaroo to attack humans.
5:52 pm
friends and family said goodbye to amy winehouse, her funeral was held in london only close friends and relatives attending her father said her daughter-- his daughter recently found love she managed to beat her and drug dependency but he said she was still struggling to control her drinking. she was found dead saturday at her london home, she was 27. stay with us, more news after the break.
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5:55 pm
>> this just in, an amber alert has been issued, los angeles police say three year-old girl was abducted late this morning in los angeles she is three-year- old, a black female, brown hair, brown eyes. was last seen with a rainbow colored t-shirt the suspect is a 35 year old kawana how weird. the same name as a little girl. last seen wearing a
5:56 pm
blue and white tank top we are told that she was driving a silver and white chevy malibu. that is the license plate on the screen if you have any information please call the police live in the newsroom i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> i am kimberlee sakamoto with the latest tech top headlines wal-mart is launching a movie screening service on its web site. it lets customers rent, or buy movies on the internet and stream them to their tv, too great player, gaming consoles and other equipment. unlike competing services like netflix, wal- mart does not offer any subscription services. rentals range from $1 to $5.99 3d films went for as much as $6.99. their previous two ventures were shut down due to poor sales. despite a huge flood of complaints at netflix and says that they expect most of their subscribers to stay with them despite hikes and
5:57 pm
that they announced up to 60%. they say they expect fewer new customers and lower earnings in the third quarter but they believe that only some of the subscribers will cancel, or downgrade the plans because of the increase that is scheduled to take affect in september. for the first time ever, shares for apple stock briefly touched the $400 mark. their stock has steadily risen over the past several years. this news comes just one week after they reported record earnings and revenue on the popular iphone and ipad. >> our developing story this is a live picture from fairfield or that blaze is still having some major flareups. fire fighters have told us that the fire is contained but as you can see the problems persist. we will have details coming up at 6:00 p.m.. just minutes away on what we now know is the cause of the blaze. that
5:58 pm
and more coming up in a few minutes, stay with us. and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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>> our big developing story tonight at 6:00 p.m. a plastics plant erupts into flames. lipid these pictures. thick black look at these pictures. thick black smoke in the sky and we now know the cause of the fire. what are they saying? >> i just spoke with the fire marshal and she said she just learned the information about 30 minutes ago. business owners say that employees were in the back area where those container's are and they were using some type of electrical flame, something like a torch, or something like that and that is whitaker's--and that is what
6:01 pm
caused the fire. this dark smoke right here, the fire marshal told me that there are major pockets of fire in the area in the backyard of this business. that is what is being contained right now, the fire is actually all the way container's. but the flames are still shooting up because there are still pockets that need to be controlled. like i told you just a few moments ago, we know what the cause was. for business owners are not here at the scene but they said that employees were in the back it was accidental it is not clear who will incur the costs, the fire marshal says that will be up to the investigations but as you can see the smoke still continues to linger on. it is dark and black like we saw before. take a look at the the of this is the scene earlier today around 3:00 p.m. similar to what you saw just a few moments ago. dark smoke, and you can see how thick it was. we will come back out here live, you can
6:02 pm
see there are new flames erupted. these are the pockets of the plastics been sent that are still on fire now, there was no damage to the building here, we talked earlier and said there were three fire fighters that were injured, but once again the cause was accidental it was caused by the employees at the scene. we are live in fairfield. >> as you might imagine this fire is having a huge impact on the air quality in that area. when you see the pictures you can see why, j.r. stone continues our team coverage with that part of the story. >> j.r. can you hear us? >> i do not know if you can hear me or not i am told that you can hear me. we are looking at live pictures of this fire with the flames shooting about 10, to 15 ft. in the air. i just talked
6:03 pm
with someone from the environmental department because you wonder, all of this black smoke into the air, was the effect on me? he says the good news about everything is the fact that they do not see any immediate danger, something that will pose a risk to a lot of people however, they do have the warning still in place for people that live within 1 mi. of here, keep your windows shut, and your doors shut, so that the smoke does not make its way inside of your house. that is the latest on what they are saying. they did some tests as they got on the scene, they have been doing them all day. at this point, nothing poses any e immediate risk to the majority of the people here. i did talk with some people about what they saw, about the black smoke in this is what they had to say. >> a around 1:00 p.m. we just saw a fire going on around there. we have not seen a thing like this before. we have been here in
6:04 pm
about 10 years at this place and we have not seen anything like this. >> i did not realize it was a plastic plates, but i have been here about 45 minutes and adjutancy, stuff is falling down now it is on my shirt. right now, i think maybe we all should just get away from the area. >> it is amazing, it is like something out a motion picture to see how has blocked out the sun. i hope no one was injured and there were no fatalities. this is a chemical fire and i am sure that it has to burn for a while. you cannot just throw water on it and expected to go out i would not be surprised when i come in tomorrow to go to work that you will still see some remnants of the smoke. >> back out here live, we are looking at the smoke, and we're looking at a lot of flames. it has been in and out all day. we got here, it was all smoke and all flames in the area. then
6:05 pm
it died down, but as you can see right over my shoulder that is not the case. reporting live, i am j.r. stone. back to you in the studio. >> we will use the big board to show you exactly where the fire is burning. it is right here in the fairfield area east of interstate 80. i will fly in for some perspective. we have the building, macro plastics that has been burning. and this road, air base parkway and as we have noted, travis air force base is less than 2 mi. away. as we take a closer look at the plastics facility a lot of crews have responded. we have about 50 firefighters on scene, 13 fire trucks. this is a largely commercial area as you can see from the building's right here. east bay tire is directly next door, fortunately the pocke--the fire was contained.
6:06 pm
>> we are showing with the fire was burning. take a look at some of the weather conditions. the fire is burning just northwest of fairfield, excuse me, north east of fairfield. coming out of the northwest and blowing the smoke this way down towards the air base. police is not blowing it down towards fairfield, 81 degrees near the fire typically is a little harder this time of year here is a look at some of the other when speed information for the area. 69 per hour winds, 14 in antioch. when the wind is starting to pick up. it typically does get breezy around this time. the wind will start to die down this evening i want to show this picture. this is a satellite image that i snapped about one hour ago. these images are taken from space typically used for clouds. but you can make out that smoke from the fire
6:07 pm
just to give you an idea of how extensive it is right now. >> the alarm fire at macro plastics in fairfield is now contained. the video that you are looking at was taken earlier today we should tell you that there are still filled--flareups. but it is contained. just moments ago we were told that the cause was accidental involving employees that were outside where the company stores the plastic bins that were on fire. a shelter alert remains in place. three minor injuries occurred involving fire fighters there all treated at the scene. crews will be on scene to watch out for flareups. stay with us as we continue to follow the story as well, we will be right back.
6:08 pm
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
6:11 pm
>> there is another big story developing, a big rig driver was killed in a crash on highway 237. this is video from the scene, it happened on the eastbound lanes of matilda ave. rob fladeboe is there to tell you what happened and how this is all affecting traffic in the area. >> i am standing in the number two lane of eastbound highway 237 in sunnyvale that remains close. behind me, you can see that the westbound lanes are open. off to the left, we will push into show the cleanup what is left from all of the dirt that spilled out of the big rig when the driver lost control. as we do have some pictures of aftermath. it was quite the scene. it hit the center divider and then flipped over and caught on fire trapping the driver inside. chp says that he perished at the scene. this is a big mess between matilda and fair oaks
6:12 pm
avenue the eastbound lanes were shut down and both direction of the highway were shut down for least 45 minutes. finally managing to get traffic moving in the westbound direction about one hour after the crash. the chp now tells me that the best guess for eastbound traffic to remain open will be about 6:30 p.m. to 6:40 p.m.. this is having a big impact on nearby highway 101. and a 237 running through here. they say around 6:30 p.m. they will have it back open again. >> erica is here with us now, she also shows us how the accident is affecting traffic. erica. >> we are taking a look at the accident from the perspective of our traffic maps. traffic is now moving on westbound to 37 but the backup is increasing. traffic is essentially solid. backing up to almost
6:13 pm
interstate 680, the speeds are crawling into the single digits. the chp did manage to open the westbound traffic eased down to 37 is still closed. not expected to open until 630 this evening. all traffic to south bound 101 is being diverted and then you should take north bound a's--880. once you make your went up north bound 880, you see this these down to 4 mi. per hour in the slowest spots, so add an extra 30 minutes to 35 minutes to your usual drive time. we will be right back.
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
>> a live pictures from our developing story, still huge plumes of smoke that
6:17 pm
started around 1:00 p.m. in fairfield at a plastics company. we just lost our picture, we will get that back for you. nonetheless, that fire fight continues all the flames are pretty much contained right now. the crews are on the scene. two suspects using high- powered rifle to shoot an east bay police park officer. it happened during an overnight patrol on monday in the hills above an east bay city. we were on the scene today as a joint operation was held to find the shooters. officials say because the incident occurred in a remote area that has presented additional problems for law enforcement. >> extreme danger, the trails leading to the hills are closed. east bay regional park police team up with the alameda county sheriff's department to search for two gunmen that fired at a park police officer monday night. they
6:18 pm
believe the two men are a part of a drug cartel. over 20 a. of slopes, and brush, in addition to hazards like poison oak with few trails that lead to specific destinations. water was loaded to emergency vehicles to be driven to those searching on this hot day to keep the officers hydrated. after four hours of searching the area where the shooting occurred, the search was called off. the park police say that this time it appears that the two suspects got away. next they will review the video that was recorded from above by the helicopter of the 20 a. area that was search. investigators say what they find on that will determine the course of their investigation. >> the east bay regional park in addition to police say that the shots fired at the officer on monday night -
6:19 pm
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
white house threatened to veto the plan put together by the house >> joh--by house speaker john speaker boehner. still there were no deals. the to --one plan said 2.7 trillion dollars in cuts, his plan requires about 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts over the next decade. it raises the debt ceiling only through the end of the year. >> this was negotiated in a bipartisan manner between both houses of the congress. i do believe that we will have some work to do to get
6:26 pm
past, but i believe that we can do it. >> that might be optimistic, the white house threatens a veto. and his plan is being considered by conservatives as i say not cutting enough. harry reid says it is dead on arrival. they say the gop continues to change their mind and how to handle things. >> as far as i can tell, the only thing that is happening today is between republicans and their multiple personalities. >> during president obama speech monday night people must listen because capital hill makers phones have been ringing off the hook. >> stay with us, more news coming up after the break.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
developing story fire officials know the cause of that fire at the plastics company in fairfield. are you are looking at pictures taken earlier this afternoon. three firefighters suffered minor injuries, crews are still on the scene. we have the latest on the calls and what is up next. >> this scene continues to change, just a few moments ago you saw thick black smoke. but as you can see, warned flames are shooting high and the sky. there is smoke that is going in that direction as you can see over there. the fire marshal told me about a half hour to about one hour ago-business owners have confirmed that it was employees. it was accidental they're using some kind of open flame, something like a torch. they did not specify the some kind of open flame that caused the fire. large
6:30 pm
plastic bins are burning in the back area of the building. you can see the they're still burning. the fire is contained, firefighters are still at the scene. there is no damage to the building but i will walk over here so that you can see what i am talking about. right there, behind there, the fire continues to go. firefighters will remain on scene. this shelter and place has not been lifted. it is about 1 mi. area for residents that live nearby. they basically have been told to stay home, if they have any type of conditions, breathing problems or anything like that as long as they still continued to see the smoke, they should just stay inside. we will continue to bring you the very latest as the scene keeps changing. we see the flames, they are growing or looks like it is dying down. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. >> continuing our team coverage i talk with the
6:31 pm
environmental manager here and he tells me that the fire and the smoke going up into the ear could be a danger to some people that live within 1 mi. of this facility. for now, reporting in fairfield j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> are big weather story tonight, a warmup expected over the next several days. as you can see the fog is pushing in over the coastline at this hour but the fog will come for the next several days. we still see some patchy fog along the coastline. there will be sunny and warmer conditions a lot more places in the '80s out there. let us take a look at more temperatures around the bay area tomorrow. we are warming to the upper 80s and low 90s in the inland valleys. we will also see 80's in the north bay, 83 santa rosa, 69 san francisco and 88 in concord.
6:32 pm
again, we will see the warming trend continue in the next couple of days. it will not get too hot out there, we will keep our temperatures to near normal through the extended forecast. >> east bay regional park police team up to search for two suspects that fired upon a police officer when he was patrolling the hillside that you can see up there above me. the east bay police called in their squad unit to find what investigators believe our drug cartel using this area to grow marijuana. however, no suspects or drugs were found with the search ended. >> continuing our coverage the east bay regional park district police say that they find marijuana plantations about to, to three times per year and is illegal grow operations can pose a threat to the public who hiked in these lands. sometimes the lucrative
6:33 pm
crops are protected by guards armed with rifles were no to do whatever is necessary to protect their product. >> in east palo out to the police believe a woman that was killed in a shooting earlier this month was not the intended target. they say 19 year-old kathryn fisher was shot and killed as she dropped off a friend speculate on whether or not her death was a mistaken identity similar to that of the killing of baby isaac garcia in june. the only see all three of the more recent killings were gang-related. >> the trial of a los gatos mother for having sex with a family friend is about to be under way. 48 year-old sarah cole that you see right here is charged with four counts of having sex with a minor. she reportedly gave the use
6:34 pm
of drugs and alcohol and reportedly sent thousands of graphic text messages to the minor as well as hundreds of phone calls. if convicted she could get four years in state prison and be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. i'm teresa estacio with kron4 news. >> and its burke, pg&e ask the state they could shut into other cities. they say that the plants are old and burn petroleum or fuel that is outdated. they will make up the difference by opening to more modern plants and other parts of the state. they say that shutting plants down will be good for the environment and save more than $50 million over the next years. >> this post office is one of 3600 across the nation that is potentially on the chopping block. the u.s. postal service has announced that they're looking to
6:35 pm
tighten their belt by closing the post offices. no decision has been made yet. but they could be looking to reduce home deliveries from six days per week down to five days per week. >> now. stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. >> and san francisco, there are many dangerous intersections. there are only a few that are infamous. of there is one intersection that has traffic heading to the freeway and traffic coming from the freeway. it has everything one could ask for, red light camera, big rigs, distracted drivers as people tried to cross the street. it has one more thing that makes it infamous. a memorial for someone that was killed here. tonight at 8:00 p.m. we will look at this intersection and what makes this so dangers in the next edition of people be heading valley. it's really delicious, mom.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>> san francisco mayor italy is reconsidering he says today, he is now considering running for the mayor of san francisco. we have a picture of him, yet maintain that he would not run after being named in from there, but he says some members of the board of supervisors are urging him to run, he is stressing that he is not made any decision on when he does make a decision, his wife and daughters will have an influence and that col. about 30,000 people have signed a petition and the election will be this coming november. that is the very latest. we will keep you posted on that. i am grant lotus live in the newsroom. >> on the kron4 facebook fan page we asked our viewers what they think about the current debt crisis and we ask them what they would tell congress if they had the chance. but as
6:40 pm
check out some comments from the facebook fan page. this is what nicholas writes. >> friends and family of singer and amy winehouse gathered today at a cemetery in london for her private funeral. record producer market --mark ronson was there heat produced her cd
6:41 pm
they say they do not know what killed the 27 year old on saturday they may learn more when the blood and tissue samples are completed in about two weeks her body was cremated. when bills will not be ringing for reality television star jesse james and catch--kat. james told the magazine that the distance between the two of them has been too much, she has been busy shooting her reality show l.a. ink that is based on a tattoo parlor and las angeles and james has a home outside of austin texas. the son of maria shriver ran almost was an error is out of the hospital. christopher's schwarzenegger was injured in a boogie boarding accident last week his mother said it is a feeling of relief to know that her son is going to be fine. she recently filed for divorce from the former california governor. wal-mart is launching a recent movie service on their web site it
6:42 pm
will let customers buy services over the internet and stream them to bear equipment. online competing services such as netflix. this is their third venture in the movie renting business. coming up in sports, the first lady of drag racing will sit down with gary in the studio and the giants and fillies and square off in the long awaited rematch of the national league championship series.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> when it was discovered
6:46 pm
that tim had a stomach virus, he got the surprise star. and look the phillies strike for four, and they take a four to one lead in the bottom of the first. give him credit, they kept him in for seven innings but he gave up six runs, and the phillies finished off the giants tonight. the first of three. he is in there, and there it is. the phillies beat the giants no word on whether he will start tomorrow in game 2. the 49ers open their doors today and vern glenn was there. >> the 49er santa clara facility doors open at 7:00 a.m.. players have the option of checking in and there were very few. there, you can see the second year offensive linemen leaving the facility now, he was on the tuesday mandatory list to get a physical. linebacker patrick will this
6:47 pm
was one of the early arrivals as well as quarterback alex smith and the tight end walker. for physicals are scheduled for tomorrow and thursday they conditioning test will happen to see how and shake the players really are. >> what has this experience that like? >> it has been good i am excited. >> you are probably been dreaming about this your whole life. >> yes, to see my helmet and my number and everything is cool. >> the seattle seahawks and the a quarterback and that could mean matt cassel back --hastleback he is saying goodbye and is talking to the seahawks, the cardinals, the 49ers, the reports are that he may be reunited somewhere with his old buddy
6:48 pm
map. the official signing date is not until 3:00 p.m. friday. the 49ers need a quarterback and as of now, alex smith is not signed. meanwhile, carson palmer wants out of cincinnati so that he is walking away from a million-dollar plus contract. some say it is as high as $5 million, and the browns' owner, mike brown says hey, you would just sit out the entire year and we will not move you. he is already sold his house, it is from southern california but there he is, if you read the stories and the history of the cincinnati bengals. they do not fool around. this guy is a really tight a you know what, and he will make palmerston out the entire year. the bengals went for an 12 last year. now football is now pact 12 they have 12 starters from
6:49 pm
last year's fourth ranked team. 12 and one. but all you have to do is say it is he back? he would been the no. 1 draft choice in the nfl. but andrew decided to stay in college and grow a beard. >> it is definitely nice not to have to learn a new scheme, a new offense, he recruited me and has been instrumental in my group as a football player. continuity was definitely something that a lot of the players were hoping for. so it has definitely been easier for me. >> do you plan on for sure going pro after this year? >> great question! [laughter] could >> i feel it is my last college season. in >> when we return, one of the crate drag racers of all
6:50 pm
time. shirley, you get tired of being called a legend? >> i think it is a complement. >> cha cha is next. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
6:51 pm
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>> she is the best, she has won 18 in h r a nationally events retired from professional drag racing in 2003. now pretty much, you just show up at these events and everyone tells you how great you are? >> that is about it, but this year is there 60 a year, their anniversary and they're bringing in all the legends. my son keeps telling me mom, you're not a legend are icon your right groundbreaker. i have one son that is 52 years old.
6:54 pm
>> did he ever tell you to stay home? >> no, he is certainly a part of my championship wins. her >> of not tom works that are assigned to desk, he called and said i am taking this and this is that robert crays band loves cha cha. >> i believe he is a jazz expert. >> why would a woman want to go 100 mi. per hour? >> my highest i ran 327 and help larry dixon when the world championship one race earlier. >> but a woman doing this in a pretty tough grab your crotch and spit tobacco scored what you believe you
6:55 pm
survived all these years? >> because i gave them what they gave me, i get right back to them. truthfully, i got even on the starting line. >> see vern glenn, that is how it is with his wife, you know happens and then he gets up off the floor and says i am sorry. you were able to get away with it. >> but i never said i was sorry. >> was it tough her? for a man to make you happy? here you are running with the boys, they want to debut, and i would it meant i will feel a little inferior was it tough to have a good man? >> the man of my dreams was probably jack muldowny and i stayed friendly with my sons that until the day he died. we did it as a team, he said i'm a lousy driver but i would like to be the guy
6:56 pm
that tunes the car that meets all the people. >> now it is tough to find a woman to replace you has anyone come close? >> they have not had a warm and world champion in n.h. are a drag racing in 27 years. i was last want to do is to come on girls, step up and show them the way home. you want me to come back and show you how it is done? it >> why don't you? >> i need about $4 million, or a rich daddy, or a sugar daddy, or one of those guys. >> if you are a sugar daddy, dealers said col. and you'll be doing what this weekend? and >> i will be the legend that will help the fans to remember how really was back in the day in the '70s and '80s and remind the fan's that we have been there 60 years, have a great weekend. >> what car you drive on
6:57 pm
the street? >> i drive a trailblazer. >> really nice to meet you. the great shirley, we will see you at 8:00 p.m.. i read tg cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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6:59 pm
inside amy winehouse's funeral today. >> as we learn haunting new details of the grammy winner's lonely final hours. i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm brooke anderson. >> "the insider" is on. >> singer amy winehouse is being laid to rest today. a source tells us, amy did it all, crack, heroin and cocaine. >> inside amy's demons as friend, kelly osbourne pays tribute today. >> the funeral and cremation. >> has a battle erupted over amy's millions? >> is there any chance money could go to her ex-husband who is in jail right now? >> kim k.'s mom -- on the record about cashing in on her own children. >> give up 20% and give kourtney my 10. >> is it weird getting a check from your kids? >> that's a great question.

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